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Our Barbados maps use the latest Google satellite imagery to showcase Barbados attractions, beaches, night clubs, sporting venues, gardens, restaurants, churches, accommodation and more! Select a map below:

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Aerial view of Barbados

Maps By Parish

Explore the eleven parishes of Barbados, discover their attractions and secret treasures!

Barbados Maps By Region (Artist Impressions)

  • Map of Barbados
    This map gives a detailed view of the island. You can also pick up a FREE Barbados map at hotels and attractions across the island.
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  • Map of Oistins
    This town, located on the south coast, is home to the Oistins fish fry the most popular attraction in Barbados!
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  • Map of Bridgetown
    The capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown is well worth a visit for its duty free shopping and historic buildings!
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  • Map of St.Lawrence Gap
    The most popular spot on the south coast, "The Gap" is renowned for its nightlife, restaurants and activities.
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  • Map of Holetown
    Located on the west coast, Holetown offers a wide array of restaurants, exciting nightlife, and excellent shopping.
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  • Map of Speightstown
    In the north of the island this is a quaint seaside town that is fun to explore!
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